Increase order quantity on EW order

To increase the quantity of a product that has been ordered, follow these steps:

1. Open the EW order page.

2. Scroll down to the line items section and click on the EW product link to open it in a new window/tab.

3. On the EW product page, check under Available to make sure that the number in stock is sufficient.

4. Back on the EW order page, increase the quantity as required.

5. Select the appropriate shipping option and save the order.

5.  Make a note of the shipping rate.

6. Open the local invoice in a separate window/tab.


7. Update the quantity on the local invoice.

8. Amend the shipping rate so that it matches the one on the EW order.

9. Set the paid status to unpaid on the local invoice and save your changes.


10. Select updated invoice from the email dropdown and hit the send button.

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