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Trademe Multi-Variant listings - How to set up in OMINS.

Trademe Multi-Variant listings – How to set up in OMINS.

WHAT IS MULTI-VARIANT LISTINGS: Are you selling a product which comes in multiple sizes, colours, or materials?,  you can list such products as multi-variant listings (MVLs), which doesn’t involve making lots of individual listings for each variant of the same product. With MVLs, you can group products together to create a single listing which will allow […]

how to use POS (point of sale) utility in OMINS

how to use POS (point of sale) utility in OMINS

POS (point of sale) menu in OMINS OMINS has a full developed, easy-to-use, POS utility to be used for your physical shop walk-in-customers.   There is a main menu for POS, as shown below.  If at all this is not shown in your OMINS system, you can contact us to activate it. (click image to enlarge) […]

Manually combining orders

Manually combining orders

Manual Combining of Orders OMINS has a new feature, where you can combine orders manually in a more convenient way. Criteria: There are certain criteria for orders to meet, to qualify for combining options.   They should have,  Same customer name. Same address. Same warehouse for the products in orders.  Different warehouse products in orders will […]

Enabling  'afterpay'  as payment option in OMINS

Enabling ‘afterpay’ as payment option in OMINS

As you know, trademe is launching a new payment option “afterpay” (for its selected accounts). OMINS has updated itself to use “afterpay” as payment option for auctions. HOW TO ENABLE ‘AFTERPAY’ Go to main menu ‘settings’ and select promo group.  Then open promo group settings of that promo group for which you want to add […]

adding video to the product for auctions

adding video to the product for auctions

Trademe has facilitated its Top Sellers in a way that they can upload videos (using youtube video urls) for their products in auctions. OMINS has updated its software accordingly to facilitate its users so they can give video url in OMINS product section to be available in the auction. Following is the step by step […]

product stock adjustment - in bulk

product stock adjustment – in bulk

OMINS has  a new feature to adjust stock of your multiple products from a single page and in an easier way.   In addition to bulk editing of various products attributes via CSV import function, OMINS now has and easier way to bulk adjust/update product stock   HOW IT WORKS:  First go to product items […]

Worksnap's observer's view (View your workers' activity) - new version

Worksnap’s observer’s view (View your workers’ activity) – new version

In Total Assist, you can view all and detailed activity of the workers, working on your project, with time and activity log. When you login to your worksnaps window, you can see all the projects you are invited to, as an observer. Once you login to your worksnaps account, you will see DASHBOARD: This is […]

"was/now price" and clearance features

“was/now price” and clearance features

Trademe has introduced a feature “was/now price” where you can promote your products at low price (sale/clearance).  You can refer to trademe site help regarding this ‘here’. OMINS allows its users to set up this feature  in their OMINS.  In order to use this, you first must have “”was/now price” enabled in your trademe account.  […]