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Trademe Multi-Variant listings - How to set up in OMINS.

Trademe Multi-Variant listings – How to set up in OMINS.

WHAT IS MULTI-VARIANT LISTINGS: Are you selling a product which comes in multiple sizes, colours, or materials?,  you can list such products as multi-variant listings (MVLs), which doesn’t involve making lots of individual listings for each variant of the same product. With MVLs, you can group products together to create a single listing which will allow […]

Enabling  'afterpay'  as payment option in OMINS

Enabling ‘afterpay’ as payment option in OMINS

As you know, trademe is launching a new payment option “afterpay” (for its selected accounts). OMINS has updated itself to use “afterpay” as payment option for auctions. HOW TO ENABLE ‘AFTERPAY’ Go to main menu ‘settings’ and select promo group.  Then open promo group settings of that promo group for which you want to add […]

"was/now price" and clearance features

“was/now price” and clearance features

Trademe has introduced a feature “was/now price” where you can promote your products at low price (sale/clearance).  You can refer to trademe site help regarding this ‘here’. OMINS allows its users to set up this feature  in their OMINS.  In order to use this, you first must have “”was/now price” enabled in your trademe account.  […]

Invalid auctions rules

Invalid auctions rules

  What are invalid auctions: Invalid auctions are those auction rules, which are or have become invalid, for some reason, and the rules are unable to list your auctions on  auction sites or Ewebstore. Invalid auctions will have a  “red circle icon”  in the “valid column” in product auction rules view. see below (click image […]

“Available on auction” settings

“Available on auction” settings in Price section for “Quantity buynow only” auctions   “Availabe on auction”  means you can set the quantity of product for your “quantity buynow only” auctions.  If you have stock level of 500, and you set 5 in “available on auction” your listing will show quantity of 5 for your product.  […]

Quantity Buynow Listings on TradeMe

Back in June 2011, Trademe announced a new feature allowing multiple quantities of a product to be purchased from a single auction. Since then our developers have been busy testing integration support with OMINS and Easylister. As part of this release, we have made changes to the way OMINS and Easylister reserve stock. To reserve […]

Listing Priority

Listing Priority

Listing priority helps you assign a priority to each of your listings. This helps you prioritize certain items so that they are listed before others. This feature is located under products -> product promotion rules -> auction rules tab. Listing priority is useful in the following two scenarios: 1. When you have set up more […]

Relative Offer

Relative Offer

Relative offer is designed to maximize your offer revenue from low reserve or $1 reserve auctions. It makes the offer price relative to the sale price of the auction. This feature is located under products -> products promotions view -> auction rules. Relative offer will offer at the set amount, relative to the price the auction […]