"was/now price" and clearance features

“was/now price” and clearance features

Trademe has introduced a feature “was/now price” where you can promote your products at low price (sale/clearance).  You can refer to trademe site help regarding this ‘here’. OMINS allows its users to set up this feature  in their OMINS.  In order to use this, you first must have “”was/now price” enabled in your trademe account.  […]

OMINS Images update in light of Trademe photo policy change

OMINS Images update in light of Trademe photo policy change

As you may know trademe has made some changes in its photo policy where “A product image needs to be at least 500 pixels, in at least one dimension” You may further read about Trademe photo policy here OMINS Update: In lieu of this trademe change, we have made an update in OMINS and […]

Ebay-OMINS Connection help

Ebay-OMINS Connection help

Ebay with OMINS OMINS users can now manage their Ebay orders via omins now, without incurring any additional cost. Note: Currently OMINS only collects orders from Ebay, omins will not be able to list or manage auctions on Ebay.   How to connect  your OMINS with Ebay To connect, go to promo group and click […]

Invalid auctions rules

Invalid auctions rules

  What are invalid auctions: Invalid auctions are those auction rules, which are or have become invalid, for some reason, and the rules are unable to list your auctions on  auction sites or Ewebstore. Invalid auctions will have a  “red circle icon”  in the “valid column” in product auction rules view. see below (click image […]

“Available on auction” settings

“Available on auction” settings in Price section for “Quantity buynow only” auctions   “Availabe on auction”  means you can set the quantity of product for your “quantity buynow only” auctions.  If you have stock level of 500, and you set 5 in “available on auction” your listing will show quantity of 5 for your product.  […]

Quick overview - order processing / invoice printing

Quick overview – order processing / invoice printing

OMINS makes it easy to locate which orders are paid and can be shipped/dispatched.  It is achieved by using certain pre-defined search filters in OMINS. There are two ways you process an order, once it has been paid. 1)  You or your staff does a manual check on orders, like address check i.e. rural or […]

Creating an "api" user OMINS

Creating an “api” user OMINS

It is possible to integrate omins with some other applications or create your own API communication with OMINS by creating an API user Currently you can do this for: The sweetspot freight application Courier Post integration via flowsoftware Creating your own custom access via the OMINS API This give 2 large benefits to the […]

TradeMe account already in use

Have you tried to add your Trade Me details to your EasyLister or OMINS account and received the message? Your Trade Me account is already in use on another EasyLister or OMINS system This means that your Trade Me account has already been added to another EasyLister or OMINS system, so cannot be added again […]