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Promotion Groups

Using OMINS with Additional Auction Sites In addition to Trade Me, you can use OMINS to list auctions on Sella, What’s On Sale, PriceSpy and PriceMe. The following is a step-by-step process to configuring OMINS to list your products on one or more of these sites.    1. You must first sign up for an […]

Tick the products you wish to change, then choose change prices from the update selected menu

Updating Auction Rules

Updating Prices On Multiple Auctions The following will allow you to update the prices of multiple products and/ or auction rules within one page. 1. In the menu, choose ‘products’ -> ‘products promotion view’ 2. Select the products you wish to change 3. From the drop down ‘update selected…’ menu, select ‘change prices’ 4. Simply […]

Logging in

Logging in

Logging In You can get to the OMINS log-in screen two ways: 1. Go to Snipesoft homepage ( and click on the log-in link in the top right-hand corner.   2. Go directly to this link Enter your company, username, and password where indicated.   Note that if someone has recently been logged in […]