Parcel Tracking

Creating an "api" user OMINS

Creating an “api” user OMINS

It is possible to integrate omins with some other applications or create your own API communication with OMINS by creating an API user Currently you can do this for: The sweetspot freight application Courier Post integration via flowsoftware Creating your own custom access via the OMINS API This give 2 large benefits to the […]

Select invoices -> search

Checking All Parcels Have Been Sent

  1. Select search from the invoices drop down menu.   2. Select to dispatch from the find drop down menu and click on the search button If there are any results, then these invoices have not had a tracking number associated with them using the above method.

Select invoices -> tracking.

Parcel Tracking

Entering Tracking Information By entering the tracking numbers of your courier items, you can keep a record of the day items were sent by matching them with the invoice. OMINS allows you do this manually or to use a scanner for quicker, more stream-lined data entry. We recommend that you use the invoice you print […]