Vendor/Purchase help

Vendor/Purchase help

Purchase orders: Purchase order is a type of order, which we use to “buy” items from our vendors or suppliers.  Purchase order is just like an order/invoice but this is to buy stock and actually it adds in the stock, rather than taking out the stock. Purchase order system in OMINS: OMINS has a full-featured, […]

"Locations" for products in OMINS

“Locations” for products in OMINS

Product Location (in warehouse)  in OMINS   Location feature in OMINS can be used to help locate items in a warehouse.  This feature assigns a location to every product. Basic concept: The basic concept of this feature is that a warehouse can be divided and labelled into different locations (as per your own preferences) and […]

"Warehouse" functionality in OMINS

“Warehouse” functionality in OMINS

New feature in OMINS for clients having more than one warehouses OMINS now offers its “warehouse” feature; particularly useful for clients/sellers who have multiple warehouses at different locations and with different staff. Basic Concept: The basic concept of this feature is to streamline and ease-up order processing for different staff working in different warehouses. Using […]

Help on CSV Import System

Help on CSV Import System

  CSV imports is a unique function in OMINS, which lets you update a lot of sections on one or any number of products, in a convenient fashion.  But this should be used with caution, as using it wrongly can cause you problems and your products could fail to list.   HOW IT WORKS: This […]

Worsksnaps Observer's view (view your workers' activity)

Worsksnaps Observer’s view (view your workers’ activity)

In Total Assist, you can view all and detailed activity of the workers, working on your project, with time and activity logging. When you login to your worksnaps window, you can see all the projects you are invited to, as an observer. Click the project name to view all the details pertaining to that particular […]

Quick overview - order processing / invoice printing

Quick overview – order processing / invoice printing

OMINS makes it easy to locate which orders are paid and can be shipped/dispatched.  It is achieved by using certain pre-defined search filters in OMINS. There are two ways you process an order, once it has been paid. 1)  You or your staff does a manual check on orders, like address check i.e. rural or […]

Setup for Accounting software setup (xero and others)

This is how to organize specifically xero for low impact (low workload) processing for all auction/websales. This will work with any Small business operation using any modern accounting software whether you use OMINS/Easylister or no ecommerce management software at all. In this example we show you a setup that allows 5 min reconciling of 774 […]