Order processing

Guides on how to efficiently process orders in Omins

How to do packing check

How to do packing check

This is a very useful feature in OMINS and one of the finishing steps in order processing that enables the packaging person (warehouse person) to do the final checks on product pictures on the basis of product code and or bar code.   How it works. 1)       Go to invoice->packing check see (pic 1 below) […]

Quick overview - order processing / invoice printing

Quick overview – order processing / invoice printing

OMINS makes it easy to locate which orders are paid and can be shipped/dispatched.  It is achieved by using certain pre-defined search filters in OMINS. There are two ways you process an order, once it has been paid. 1)  You or your staff does a manual check on orders, like address check i.e. rural or […]

Creating an "api" user OMINS

Creating an “api” user OMINS

It is possible to integrate omins with some other applications or create your own API communication with OMINS by creating an API user Currently you can do this for: The sweetspot freight application http://gosweetspot.com Courier Post integration via flowsoftware Creating your own custom access via the OMINS API This give 2 large benefits to the […]

Help on "ready" status

Help on “ready” status

A new ‘ready’ status has been added to invoices. Purpose of “ready” Status: The ready status is designed for users that have some kind of manual check before they wish to ship items, common checks might be: Checking if the customer has put a physical address (non P.O box) address. Checking if the address is […]

How to process bank transfer orders

How to process bank transfer orders

Following is a list of steps that you can follow when processing orders that are paid via bank transfer: 1. Save your latest bank statement on your PC and then import it from Invoices -> Bank statements -> Upload statements. 2. Apply all payments that OMINS has matched to orders. 3. Goto Invoices and search […]