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Ewebstores: OMINS Connector & Payment Setups


What are these settings and where can you find them?


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In Opencart :

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Types of Payments generally found on E-Webstores:


1. Bank Transfer – A bank transfer refers to when a customer sends money from their bank account to the retailers bank account.

This payment can take a 1-3 business days before it is “confirmed”.


2. Credit Card – A credit card transaction refers to when a customer utilises their credit card to pay the vendor. In New Zealand with our E-Webstores customers, they must use a 3rd party credit card processor to handle this transaction, the most common companies/payment modules you will see on E-Webstores include DPS (Payment Express), Paystation and E-way.

This transaction’s status is confirmed instantly, whether it is paid or declined.


3. Paypal – Much like credit card, the customer uses their paypal account details to pay the vendor. It is possible that users can pay directly by credit card with Paypal without needing a paypal account.

This transaction’s status is also confirmed right away if it is ‘paid’.


Payment Setups


This section will show you what you need to set the status to and how to do it.


Bank Transfer:

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Note: for bank transfer the order will NOT be paid in OMINS when loaded, it is expected that the client will wait for the bank payment and manually (or using bank statement import in omins (link) ) mark the omins order as paid.


Credit Card (DPS, E-way, Paystation) :

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Paypal :

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Note: for credit cart and paypal the setup is as such that when the payment  is successful it is marked as completed, likewise due to the “paid order status id” setting in omins being also set to “completed” the order will load into omins as a paid order.


Now while in the above screenshots, you can see that i’ve chosen “Complete” as the “Paid Order Status id” in OMINS cart connector and as ‘Complete’ in Opencart for both Credit Card and Paypal. However, you could set these to anything…for example, if you set the paid order as “Reversed”

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As you can see providing that your “Paid order status id” is set to the same as the “Completed Status” inside Opencart, then Opencart order will be processed into OMINS as paid.


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