OpenCart – Adding New Categories

To add new categories to your product catalog using OpenCart, follow these steps:

1. Log into your OpenCart administration panel and go to Catalog -> Categories from the main menu.


2. Click the “+” button.

3. Enter the appropriate title for the category in the category name field.

4. In the “meta tag title” text box just copy the category name, otherwise it will return an error and the category will not be saved.

5. Enter a brief description for the cateory in the “meta tag description” field. This description will show up in search engine results and should entice customer to click on your listing (this is also optional).

6. Fill out the description box with detailed information about this category. This will appear on your web page.

7. Click on the “data” tab at the top.

8. If you’re creating a top-level category, leave “parent category” set to “none”. If your new category is a sub-category, select an appropriate category from the dropdown.

9. Enter an appropriate SEO keyword. This will be displayed in the URL to make it look more user-friendly and SEO rich.

10. Click on the image icon then edit to add an image for this category.

11. To select an image from your hard drive, click the “upload” button at the top of the pop-up window.

12. Once the image has been uploaded, scroll down to locate it and double click to select.

13. If you’re ready to display this category, set category status to “enabled”. If you’re creating categories ahead of time and don’t want them to be displayed yet, set the status to “disabled”.

14. Leave the sort order set to zero to sort all your categories in alphabetic order. In case you want to sort them differently, you can assign a number as per your requirement.

15. Click save at the top to create this category.



Your new category should now appear in the list of categories in the admin panel and also on the home page of your website after you hit refresh.

NOTE: Once this is done, you will need to login to your OMINS account and synchronize your categories. Please follow this guide for more information on how to synchronize categories:

For instructions on how to add new brands from OpenCart, please check this guide:

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