How to use Bulk Quantity Discount module

  1. Create a new Option for products by going to Catalog->Options and click Insert.
  2. For Option Name give something that customers will easily recognize, for example “Bulk Discount” and for Type choose Radio.
  3. Click Add Option Value and just put “Price” as the Option Value Name then click Save.
  4. You can use the new option to apply discount to your products by going to Catalog->Products and click Edit on specific productnew_options
  5. Go to Option tab and type the Option Name e.g. Bulk Discount, on the upper-right part of the tab. That field has an auto-complete feature so this is quite easy.
  6. Click Add Option Value and fill in Quantity field with the same number as the Remaining Stock of the product
  7. Click Add Discount button and fill in the following fields:
    • Quantity – minimum quantity that should be reached to get the discount
    • Price (GST excl.) – the amount that will be deducted from the original price of the product. Always remember to select the (-) sign before the Price field
    • Date Start and Date end – start and end date for the discount. You can leave this blank to make the discount indefinitely
  8. Click Save as soon as you’re done and that’s itadd_option_to_product

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