Enabling ‘afterpay’ as payment option in OMINS

As you know, trademe is launching a new payment option “afterpay” (for its selected accounts).

OMINS has updated itself to use “afterpay” as payment option for auctions.


Go to main menu ‘settings’ and select promo group.  Then open promo group settings of that promo group for which you want to add ‘afterpay’ as payment option.

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On next page, go to ‘auction’ tab and check/enable  ‘afterpay’  in  payment options section and save.

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All of your auction rules, for this promo group, which are enabled to


For those auction rules, which are NOT enabled to ‘ ‘ you will have to either
1) Enable the default promo group payment option     OR

2) Enable ‘afterpay’ as payment option separately.

You can do any of the above via bulk update in auction rule page. (see below)

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(click image

How to filter/search auction rules, which are NOT enabled to 

go to product auction rules and click  ‘advanced’ tab.  and do one of the following steps and click search.
1) select this option from dropdown and write zero

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2) write    template_tm_lines.use_default_payment_options = “0”       in sql box (as follows)

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This will show up all the auction rules, which are NOT enabled to ‘use the payment options as set up in the promo group’

Some notable points regarding afterpay, as stated by trademe. (see image below)

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