A guide to auction length and timing of auctions using OMINS

Length and Timing

Length and timing of an auction is controlled by the length and timing panels that are found when editing or creating auction rules.


Length is simply how long the auction will last for. This is often an important consideration depending on the style of auction.

In OMINS there are 3 main length settings:

-Specify standard length
-Specify custom length (advanced)

Specifiy standard length

What this does:

Auctions listed using this setting will go for a set length time. The set lengths available depend on the category you are using, for instance a general item will allow up to 7 days for free (and 10 days for 25c) whereas a DVD listing will alow 14 days free.

When should it be used:

Typically for $1 reserves or low reserve items that you want to last for a specified time. Or auctions where the start is lower than reserve.

Note: automatic is typically a better option for buynow=reserve=start price auctions


What this does:

This will list your auction for 2 days, however when the auction is approximately 1hour and 20 minutes from ending the auction will be edited to so it is a 3 day auction. Then again when the auction is coming to an end it will edit it to be a 4 day auction and so on to allow the auction to last for a full 7 days.

When should it be used:

This feature allows for an auction listed from this rule to always be “ending soon”.

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