Updating Auction Rules

Updating Prices On Multiple Auctions

The following will allow you to update the prices of multiple products and/ or auction rules within one page.

1. In the menu, choose ‘products’ -> ‘products promotion view’

2. Select the products you wish to change

3. From the drop down ‘update selected…’ menu, select ‘change prices’

Tick the products you wish to change, then choose change prices from the update selected menu

4. Simply edit the prices as you wish. This works exactly like the pricing panel on the individual product pages, except it contains many products at once.

Updating Live Auction Details

Use the following steps to update the details for auctions already listed on Trade Me.

Note: this will only update auctions that have not been bid on as Trade Me will not allow editing of details once a bid is placed.

1. Select the ‘auction rules’ tab under the product you wish to edit.

Select the auction rules tab under the product you wish to edit.

3. Edit the auction rules page with the new details and click save.

4. Select ‘Current Auctions’ in the ‘Useful Reports’ box on the right-hand side.

Select the current auctions link

4. Check the auctions you wish to edit.

5. From the ‘update selected…’ drop down menu, choose ‘update details on tm’

Your current auctions should now be updated with the new details.

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