“Available on auction” settings

“Available on auction” settings in Price section for “Quantity buynow only” auctions


“Availabe on auction”  means you can set the quantity of product for your “quantity buynow only” auctions.  If you have stock level of 500, and you set 5 in “available on auction” your listing will show quantity of 5 for your product.  The maximum number you can set here is 1000.  It means you are committing all of your stock to your “quantity buynow only” listing.  But this is recommended to single “quantity buynow only” listing.  If you have multiple auctions for the same product, do not committ all stock to one auction, otherwise, other auctions will not be able to list, as there will be not stock available for other listings.


Note:  This applies considering, all listings have same priority level set

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