Invalid auctions rules


What are invalid auctions:

Invalid auctions are those auction rules, which are or have become invalid, for some reason, and the rules are unable to list your auctions on  auction sites or Ewebstore.

Invalid auctions will have a  “red circle icon”  in the “valid column” in product auction rules view. see below

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Why Auction Rules become Invalid:

Auction Rules become invalid due to multiple reasons.

  • When trademe changes some configuration like categories or something then rule becomes invalid.
  • You assign an invalid promo group to an auction rule.  etc


HOW to show invalid rules in OMINS:

Go to product auction rules.  From search select   auction   from  “type” dropdown menu and select  invalid    from “valid” dropdown menu.   This will show all those rules, which are invalid (unable to list any auctions).  This  is shown in image below.

invalid rules
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