Listing Priority

Listing priority helps you assign a priority to each of your listings. This helps you prioritize certain items so that they are listed before others.

This feature is located under products -> product promotion rules -> auction rules tab.

Listing priority is useful in the following two scenarios:
1. When you have set up more auctions in OMINS than your TradeMe free listing allowance (you can find details of the listing allowance feature in OMINS here ) and you don’t want to incur high volume listing fees (details of TradeMe’s high volume listing fees can be found on TradeMe’s website). Listing Priority feature lets you prioritize which auctions are listed first as OMINS will list higher priority listings first.
2. When you have multiple auction rules for a single product and stock is low.Note: If you just leave all your auctions on the default priority (100) and you have low stock or your listing allowance is hit, OMINS will just choose at random what to list as all auctions have the same priority.

Listing priority can be set on the auction rule itself (as shown above) or on multiple products from products -> product auction rules -> update selected drop down menu (see mass update guide here).

Usage Example:

Jim’s hardware has a hardware store and a large a range of products, more than his free listing allowance. He also does a few  $1 reserve auctions.

Jim has 1000 rules setup in OMINS, each set to list one auction. The $1 reserves are set to times, the rest are set to always maintain.
He has a listing allowance that varies from 300 on the off season to 1100 near Christmas and he does not want to go over the listing allowance in order to avoid paying high volume listing fees.
Of those 1000 rules that Jim has:
50 x $1: ALWAYS wants his $1 reserves listed. They always sell so are helping increase his free listing allowance.
300 x certain popular rules with gallery rules that sell well. Wants them to stay up most of the time.
650 x other rules they are non gallery rules in secondary categories and usually are rules for products that are not so popular. He does not want these to list if they would go over his listing allowance.

What happens on Jim’s system with a listing allowance of 500:
All 50 of the rules set at priority 10 (the $1 reserves) get listed
All 300 of the rules set at priority 50 (the popular rules) get listed
Of the rules set at 100 priority (the rest of his products), only 150 get listed. OMINS randomly picks rules which are at the same priority and so these change often.

If Jim’s listing allowance falls to 300 in the low season:
All 50 of the rules set at priority 10 (the $1 reserves) always get listed
Of the 300 of the rules set at priority 50 (the popular rules) only 250 get listed, so 50 miss out. This is chosen at random by OMINS. (Jim could raise his listing allowance  at this stage to keep these listed)
Of the 650 other rules set at 100 priority (the rest of this products) none get listed.

If Jim’s listing allowance goes to 1100 near Christmas:
All of Jim’s rules get listed. The number of auctions on Jim’s account is 1000. He is not using up all his listing allowance.

Example of when a product is low on stock:

Here is a setup with 3 rules of the x-box game console:

Rule 3 is a BuyNow with no gallery, always maintain set to 5 and a priority of 100
Rule 2 is a BuyNow but has a gallery, is set to always maintain 1 and has a priority of 50
Rule 1 is a $1 reserve and has a gallery, is set to list at a specific time each week and has a priority of 1
So 7 are specified to listIf the stock is 7 or more all of them will listIf the stock is 5:
3 of the $1 reserve will list
2 of the BuyNow with gallery will list
Of rule 3, only 3 auctions will list.If there are 2 in stock:
Rule 3 will list 1
Rule 2 will list 1
None of rule 3 will list

If there is one in stock
Only rule 1 will list


NOTE: Listing priority takes effect for new listings only, low priority listings are already listed need to end before they can be replaced by higher priority listings.
if you make a lot of changes to your priorities it can take up to 7 days (or 10 days if you are using 10 day auctions) for all your auctions listed under ‘old priorities” to end and for the new priorities to fully take effect

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