Quantity Buynow Listings on TradeMe

Back in June 2011, Trademe announced a new feature allowing multiple quantities of a product to be purchased from a single auction. Since then our developers have been busy testing integration support with OMINS and Easylister.

As part of this release, we have made changes to the way OMINS and Easylister reserve stock.

To reserve the entire stock on a product for an auction, you can still set the default option from settings -> promotion group -> auction tab, but this can be overwritten on each product from the auction tab as shown below.

There are now a number of additional attributes and options available for auction pricing:

Standard Listings remain unchanged and can be set as shown below.

The Buynow only listing option can be used for listings where you want to disable bidding and offer only a single item.

A Quantity Buynow listing can be set as follows.

To reserve an exact quantity of stock on an auction, you can use the “Available on auction” field. This allows you to specify the number of units that a buyer can purchase from a single auction.

Shipping can either be set to flat rate shipping (i.e. as per the shipping group selected on the auction rules tab) or you can choose to charge shipping per item which will add the shipping group cost to each unit that is purchased from the auction.

Stock Control: A lot of work has gone into how OMINS/Easylister handles stock for this new system. Stock quantities on your auctions will automatically increase or decrease to match the stock you have available. This is all automatic and handeled by the system.

For instance, you can have 2 auctions for one product each set to a maximum of 10 units that can purchased from each auction, and have a total stock level of 20. Lets say someone buys 1 unit of this item from Sella (or your ewebstore website). You will now have a stock level of 19 and OMINS/Easylister will then automatically reduce one of these quantity listings to 9 within a few minutes so the total you have listed is 19.

If you get new stock and increase the stock level in OMINS/EL, within minutes both your auctions will have a maximum quantity of 10 once again.

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