Ebay-OMINS Connection help

Ebay with OMINS

OMINS users can now manage their Ebay orders via omins now, without incurring any additional cost.

Note: Currently OMINS only collects orders from Ebay, omins will not be able to list or manage auctions on Ebay.


How to connect  your OMINS with Ebay

To connect, go to promo group and click register.

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Invoice Address and Tax status

Addresses come from ebay, Payments come from ebay

Tax (the current setup if the address is NZ then the standard “invoice” tax setup in OMINS (i.e GST) is applied, if the address is not NZ the tax is $0, 0%

NOTE:  Ebay does not provide the email via the API so no email is imported sorry


For Correct Product and Stock management:

If you want the product to be correct and removed from stock you need to use the SKU field in Ebay and make sure this is identical to your product code in OMINS.


For any confusion or for clarification in this regard, please contact   sales@snipesoft.net.nz

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