Parcel Tracking

Entering Tracking Information

By entering the tracking numbers of your courier items, you can keep a record of the day items were sent by matching them with the invoice. OMINS allows you do this manually or to use a scanner for quicker, more stream-lined data entry. We recommend that you use the invoice you print off of OMINS to address your package, as this makes entering and tracking this information easier.

1. Select ‘tracking’ from the ‘invoices’ drop down menu

Select invoices -> tracking.


2. Enter the invoice number and tracking number in their respective boxes.

Location of invoice number and tracking number

This can be done manually, by typing each one in and then clicking the ‘enter’ button, or by using a scanner. When using a scanner, be sure to scan the invoice first and then its corresponding tracking sticker. There is no need to hit enter when using this method.

Scan the invoice and tracking sticker for quicker, easier entry.

If there is no tracking number (for instance, if the parcel is being sent by post or being picked up, you can choose from the list of static codes to the right of the form.

The invoice tracking screen

(click image to enlarge)

Alternatively, you can print the following ‘post’ barcode and scan this as an alternative to tracking numbers.

Print this barcode tape to your work area. This can be scanned as an alternative to tracking numbers for postal parcel.

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