Automatic Voiding of Orders

Invoices of type “order” that are unpaid and have no payments added to them will by default automatically become void when they reach their due date.

If the order is on the paid status or has any payments applied, it will not automatically become void.

When the order is voided it releases any held stock so that quantity listed on that order can be re-listed on auction sites and/or be set to active on any linked websites in OMINS, etc.

It is possible to manually adjust the due date on each individual order.

It it is possible to adjust the default number of days after which new orders will be marked void in the future. This is managed from settings -> configuration as shown below:

Manually created orders are orders that are created by clicking the “new” button on the invoice search page.
Automatically created orders are ones that are created automatically for TradeMe/Sella/ewebstore etc.

It is also possible to disable the automatic void function entirely. Simply set the “automatically void invoices” dropdown to never void invoices as shown below.

If you do this, you will need to manually set orders to void in case payment is not received in order to release stock on those orders.


A voided order will not hold any stock. However if a payment is made to the void order it will automatically revert to paid and “open” again removing the stock.

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