Mass update functionality in OMINS

Mass updates functionality.

One of the unique and very useful functionalities of OMINS, include mass update functionality in OMINS.

The basic concept of it is that you can update a lot of features on more than one products (upto 999) on few clicks.

How it works:

  1. Select items on any search view/page and select as many records as you wish (pic 1)
  2. Click “update selected” (pic 1)
  3. Select function/feature you want to update.  (pic 2)
  4. Choose your option (pic 2).
  5. Click apply (pic 2).

(click to enlarge image)

(click image to enlarge)

In the example above, we changed the status of 4 orders to “ready” in one go.  This status mass update was done from invoice page”.

There are lot many features other than “status” that you can mass update,  form other searches/pages also.

A FULL LIST of functions/features that can be mass updated with corresponding pages/searches is as below:

1)      Invoices:

  • Change dispatch date
  • Change status (example shown above)

2)      Product Items View:

  • activate/inactivate
  • set location
  • toggle use cost from last purchase order.
  • Update reorder level
  • Update safety stock level
  • Update vendor.

3)      Product promotion view:

  • Activate /inactivate
  • Change prices
  • Copy promotion to
  • Make copy
  • Search and replace
  • Toggle accessory enabled
  • Toggle webstore enabled
  • Unvoid product
  • Update standard shipping group.

4)      Product auction rules:

  • Activate / deactivate
  • Auto optimize settings
  • Category
  • Change all gallery to autogallery plus.
  • Length
  • Offer enable / disable
  • Offer length
  • Payment options
  • Pricing
  • Priorotize list/offer
  • Promotion
  • Re-validate
  • Search and replace text
  • Set listing priority
  • Set to always maintain
  • Shipping group
  • Subtitle
  • Timing
  • Title
  • Toggle gallery promotion
  • Toggle listtrade enabled
  • Toggle lixtor enabled
  • Toggle sella enabled
  • Toggle trademe enabled
  • Unvoid

If you wish to update more than 200 records at one time

If you wish to update more than 200, you can adjust the number of records show to a max of 999 in OMINS (see pic below)

(click image to enlarge)

However once completed, it is wise to reset this back to 200 as it will significantly slow down OMINS page load time and general efficiency, especially page with images such as products, and product auction rules which will go much much slower)



How to activate or inactivate more than one products

Go to page products item view— > select products — > click update selected– >select activate/inactivate — >choose your options — > click apply

example activate
(click image to enlarge)

Yellow arrow ==step 1

Red arrows====step 2

Blue arrow====step 3


example activate-02
(click image to enlarge)


Green arrow===step 4 (choose your option)

Black arrow===step 5


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Do not forget to click save at the end of every change made in omins, right top of the page.

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