Creating an “api” user OMINS

It is possible to integrate omins with some other applications or create your own API communication with OMINS by creating an API user

Currently you can do this for:

  • The sweetspot freight application
  • Courier Post integration via flowsoftware
  • Creating your own custom access via the OMINS API

This give 2 large benefits to the dispatch workflow that will both save time and increase the accuracy of your dispatch process.

  • all orders ready for dispatch will have their address details and invoice number loaded into the sweetspot system, so the address does not have to be entered.
  • Tracking number are automatically submitted from sweetspot back to omins.

Here is how to create an API user in OMINS , which allows the sweetspot team to connect to your omins.

1.  Go to settings->users

2. Click new

3. fill out the form, and ensure you check the “api access” checkbox
Suggested entries:
first name: api
last name: “-”
Login name: sweetspotapi
Password: (use a secure unique password)

api_access_users(click to enlarge)

4. click save.. then scroll to the bottom of the user page.

5. add all promo groups to assigned promo groups, and add all these roles to assigned roles:
invoices & customers
purchase / inventory






(click to enlarge)



6. Click save again.

7. Email the username, password and your system_id (found at the top of the page in in settings->configuration) to sweetspot to allow them to setup on their end.


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