how to enable auto-billing

This article will guide you through step by step process of enabling auto-billing in trademe.

We recommend you always use auto billing, this means you will not lose sales due to lack of Trademe credit

Auto-billing is enabled from within your trademe account

See how it is done on   trademe says:

“Ensure your products continue to list, even when your Trade Me account is in debt. With auto-billing, Trade Me automatically charges your credit card weekly for the amount owing on your account.  To enable auto-billing, you must be authenticated and your account must not be in debt.”


1).   Login to your trademe and go to “view mytrademe”.

2).   Go to “more options”  and see auto-billing link.

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3).   Choose “Automatically charge my credit card weekly for any outstanding debt”  (see image below)

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4).  click save


OMINS users can see the status of their auto-billing   OFF  or  ON  in  settings–>promo group—(going to appropriate prom group)—> trademe tab  (in auto-billing section)


If you require further information and help on this, you can always contact


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