Listing Allowance

The listing allowance feature is found in OMINS under settings ->promo group -> trademe tab.

There are two options here which allow you to choose how many auctions OMINS is allowed to list.

1. If it is set to “Use TradeMe free listing allowance”, OMINS will list auctions based on your free listing allowance. When your free listing allowance is updated on TradeMe, OMINS will pick up the new number and will create listings accordingly. There is a detailed explanation about free listing allowance on TradeMe’s website.

The “Apply custom buffer” feature allows you to specify a buffer, which indicates the number of listings you want to keep free. When used, OMINS will leave the number of listings specified under buffer as free listings. This is useful if you want to have a few spare spaces to manually list auctions (see the guide on how to create manual listings in OMINS) so that you don’t incur a high volume listing fee if someone requests an auction for something you don’t currently have listed.

2. When set to “Custom listing allowance”, you can override your free listing allowance to set the exact number of listings you want on your TradeMe account. Be aware that if this is set to a value that is above your free listing allowance, you will incur high volume listing fees.

If you have more rules set up than you have free listings on your TradeMe account, OMINS will stop listing at the listing allowance if you configure OMINS to use the free listing allowance. The listing priority settings on each auction rule then come into effect so you can control what lists and what does not when your listing allowance is less than the number of auctions specified in the rules you have created.

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