OMINS Dashboard


OMINS brings all-new, exciting, user-friendly dashboard to its users.

When you log-in to your OMINS account, you will see the dashboard.  Here you can have a bird’s eye view of this week’s sales activity and overall account activity at once glance.

This week’s sales summary:

This will show you your sales (for this week starting from Monday).

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Dashboard links

This new OMINS dashboard incorporates certain links which are categorized in sections.

Promotion rules (auction rules)

For instance you can see how may orders in total are awaiting payment (8 in sample image) and how many questions are yet to be answered on trademe (6 in sample image) , etc, etc.

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Give Us Feedback:
As a user, you are welcomed to help us improve this dashboard so if you have any good ideas for anything else you might want included, please advise us by emailing to

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