Promo group deletion and inactivation

Now the promo groups in OMINS can be deleted (voided).



There are many occasions where a user needs to delete a promo group rather than temporarily “inactivating” that.  To delete a promo group, go to settings— > promo groups— > select a promo group to be deleted and click delete; however there is a condition to it.  Promo group will not be deleted if there are any rule/s attached to it.  The rules either need to be deleted or transferred to another promo group, before deleting the promo group.  See images below.

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How to know what Rules are attached with Promo Group to be deleted:

You have known that prior to deleting a promo group, you need to either delete the rule/s attached to it or to transfer them to some other promo group.  You can use show related to find which rules are attached to this promo group.  (see image below)

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Note:  to change promo group of rules,  select rules — > click update selected — > choose “change promo group”

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Once deleted, the promo group will not list and is not searchable or selectable, however it can be “unvoid”.  Deleting (voiding) will remove all the settings for that promo group, including any site connection, cart connector, any auction site settings, info site and checkout settings, and payment options, etc.


You can also inactivate a promo group.  Please note that inactivating a promo group is entirely different from deleting a promo group.  An inactive promo group will hold it settings and it will still be “filterable” in invoices, products and rule, however an inactive promo group would not list and it would not show in the list when creating an invoice/rule/product. An inactivated promo group can be activated any time, by just deselecting the “inactive checkbox” and save and after re-activation it will resume all its activities as before.

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