Point my domain to my OMINS website / infomation site

Setting up a domain name

You have two options for setting up a domain name for use with OMINS sites.

1. If you don’t know how or don’t want to deal with it yourself, we can manage setup and host the domain for $50 + GST per year. This is for any .nz domain or .com / .net / .info /.biz domain (we can likely do others, just ask). Email us and tell us your desired domain and we will register it under your name and set it up for you. We can also configure MX records or set up sub domains as requested etc (i.e where your email goes. For instance, you could use Gmail etc for mail).

If you already have the domain with some other host and want us to sort it out, you need to ask them for the ‘UDAI’ number and email that to us with the domain name and we can sort that out for you. When the domain expires we will make sure it is renewed and there will be a $50 charge added to your omins bill.

2. If you have the domain with a domain registrar and are confident enough to set it up yourself, here’s how.

You have two options here:

1. Use the Snipesoft name servers (pros: easiest, always works, 1 less point of failure (i.e if Snipesoft server is up, your DNS is working) cons: you can’t make sub domains or use email on that domain)

2. Set up a CNAME as the A record (pros: you have full control of the domain, you can seup your own MX records or sub domains, cons: another point of failure (i.e if the DNS of the registrar is down, people can’t access your site). Also it can be difficult if you are inexperienced. Some domain registrars sometimes don’t support it).

If you chose to use our name servers, simply set the name servers as follows:


If you need IPs for these, you can ping them. If you don’t know how to ping, you can use this site to ping for the IPs:

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