Virtual Products on Infosite and OMINS Checkout

Virtual Selection Product on Checkout

If you have certain products in your inventory that come in different colors or sizes, you may want to give customers the option to select the type (color/size) that they want to purchase from your checkout. This can be achieved quite easily using Virtual Products in OMINS(For more information on virtual product, please read this article Special Product Types).

To do this, follow the steps listed below:

1. From products -> products promotion view in OMINS, open the product that you want to enable selection on.

2. Change the product type to virtual on the general tab as shown below.

3. Go to the assembly tab and check the “allow customer selection” box.


4. Enter a few characters of the part number in Part Number field and then click the product that you want to allow customers to select. Enter the appropriate quantity and add an appropriate name in the “selection dropdown name” field (for example size 10, blue, etc) and press the + button to add the product to the selection list below.

5. Repeat step 4 to add any other products that you want to enable selection on.

6. Go to the auction rules tab and set the rule type to auction and save your changes.

This is how customers will see the product on your checkout:


Before your customer confirm this order on checkout, you will see the product in the invoice of OMINS as below:


After your customer confirm this order on checkout, you will see the product your customer selected as below:


In this example, the product was setup to offer multiple color choices. As can be seen above, customers on your checkout will be able to select the color from the Available Options dropdown and proceed to add the item to their shopping cart.

Note: You will need to create separate products in OMINS for each color, size, shape or any other attribute variation in order to allow customers to select them on your checkout. Theses individual products can then be added to the assembly section of the main virtual product as described above to enable selection.

Virtual Selection Product on Infosite

Infosite is a website for your customer to visit. Your customer will see all of your products on your infosite as long as those products have valid auction rule. And They can also buy from your infosite. There is a “buy” hyper link which will take your customer to the listing on your trademe account and they can buy the auction from there.

Below is how your customer will see on infosite.


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