OMINS Images update in light of Trademe photo policy change

As you may know trademe has made some changes in its photo policy where “A product image needs to be at least 500 pixels, in at least one dimension”

You may further read about Trademe photo policy here

OMINS Update:

In lieu of this trademe change, we have made an update in OMINS and now our OMINS users will be able to filter out the images that do not meet the minimum required size/dimension criteria and users can then delete/update those images.

How to display those images, which are under-sized:

Please go to  ‘product items view‘  or  ‘product promotion view‘  or  ‘product auction rules’ and in  ‘find’ menu, you will see a selection ‘has too small size‘,  Select this and click ‘search’.   (please see image below)

(click image to enlarge)


(click images to enlarge)

This will display a list of all products (or rules if you do this process in product auction rules),  which have one or more images, which do not meet the minimum dimension criteria i.e. are undersized.

Now go inside the product/rule to see which image/s are undersized.

(click image to enlarge)

Once inside the product,  go to ‘photos’ tab.   There is a new column there, which displays image size and dimension.  Undersized dimension will be displayed in red, as seen in Image below

(click image to enlarge)


NOTE:   The list displayed after clicking ‘search’  shows only the products, which contain one or more undersized images.  The thumbnail shown with the product may not necessarily be the undersized image.  You will have to go inside the product and then ‘photo tab’ to see which image is in-fact undersized.  The ‘red colored’ image size will be undersized.  For details see following two image


now we go inside this product photo tab to see the details.



Using this useful update in OMINS, our users will be able to fix all the product photos very easily.  In case of any confusion, you can always contact



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