Safety Stock Level

Safety stock level is a stock control setting on each product which prevents the overselling of an item on auctions. It is located on the “general” tab on the products promotion view page.

The safety stock affects how OMINS calculates the available stock level (read more about stock levels here)

When stock for a product reaches the quantity set as the safety stock level, the available stock in OMINS will become 0. This means OMINS will no longer sell it, i.e. new listings for that product will not be created on TradeMe or Sella. Customers will also no longer be able to buy the product from your E-webstore.

You can see which products have reached the safety stock by setting the “find” search filter to “safety stock level” on  the products  -> product items view page.

It is recommended that safety stock is set to around 5% of the total available stock for a product. For instance if you have 100 units of a product, set the safety stock to 5. You can go higher or lower depending on the product and how accurate your dispatch operation is.

Once the product has reached safety stock, do a manual count/stock take of that product and then reset safety stock to 1 or 0 to sell the remaining stock. Note that OMINS will not create new listings for the product if the quantity of available stock matches the value of safety stock.

Safety Stock Mass Update

To update safety stock level on multiple products, please follow these steps:

1. Go to products -> product items view.

2. Select all products that you wish to update the location codes on by ticking them as shown in the image below.

Select the required products by ticking them

3. Select “update safety stock level” (a) from the “update selected” dropdown and then enter the safety stock level (b) as shown in the image below.

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