Worsksnaps Observer’s view (view your workers’ activity)

In Total Assist, you can view all and detailed activity of the workers, working on your project, with time and activity logging.

When you login to your worksnaps window, you can see all the projects you are invited to, as an observer.

Click the project name to view all the details pertaining to that particular project.


In the user management tab, you can see all the users related to this project and you can see their roles as well, manager or member or observer…!  see pic 1 below.

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NOTE:  Do not invite a new user as an observer, basically it should be a manager’s job.


In the project space tab, there are 4 sub-categories

  1. Project overview.
  2. Track Time
  3. Tasks
  4. Preferences


1)      Project overview:  In this window, you can see activity summary and activity timeline of a specific user  see pic 2 and 2a


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2)      Track time:  Clicking on view worksnaps from “project overview” window will take you to next “track time” window.  Alternatively you can go there by clicking track time from left pane.

Here you can see detailed work history for a user (you can select any user), date (you can select any date) and tasks (if you want to see activity of all the tasks or any particular task)

What actually worksnaps records.

  • Mouse clicks every minute minute.
  • Keyboard hits every minute.
  • Active application/computer program record every minute.
  • Screen shot in a 10-minute slot.

Worksnaps mainly divides its recordings in 1-minute slots, as shown in pics below.  See pic 3

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For every 10-minute slot you can see

  • Screen shot recorded for this time-slot.  Pic 3a
  • Mouse and keyboard click every-minute records for this time-slot.
  • Active application every-minute record for this time slot (pic 3b and 3c below)

(3a – click image to enlarge)

(3b-click image to enlarge)

(3c – click image to enlarge)


3)      Tasks:  In this window, you can see different tasks in this projects and which task assigned to whom. Please do not change anything as a observer, because tasks assignment is basically manager’s job. See pic 4.

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4)      Preferences:  As an observer, you have nothing to do with preferences.



Here you generate reports of work done for any particular project.

Generating a report based on,

  • For which time:  this month, this week, last week or any specific dates
  • For which user:  You can customize your reports for all or specific users on a project.
  • For which task:  You can customize your reports to be based on all the tasks and activities for that project or any particular task,
  • Naming the report:  You can name every report, and can save it to your computer in excel format for future reference.

See step-by-step guide to generate a report.

Pictures 5 to 10 below (click images to enlarge)

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