Using “list now” to create manual listings

There may be cases where you want to create a new listing which exceeds your current TradeMe listing allowance and you would want this new listing to be created immediately. You will need to use the “list now” feature under auction rules.

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

1. Go to products -> product auction rules and open the product that you want to immediately list on TradeMe.

2. If the auction timing is set to “Always maintain”, tick the “list now override” box and then click the list now button. (If it is not set to “always maintain”, you will not need to tick list now override.)


3. On the next screen, tick the “List this product” box and confirm/approve the listing fee (as it may exceed your current free listing allowance) by clicking the “list selected auctions now” button.

The new auction will be created in a few seconds and the screen will refresh to show the listing reference number.

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