Google cloudprint in OMINS

What is Google cloud-print

OMINS brings you google cloudprint utility (silent printing/background printing), using which you can either send prints to your local printer or any remote printer connected to internet , configured in google cloudprint (e.g. your warehouse printer)

How it works in OMINS

First go and join google cloudprint

Add any cloud print ready printers or classic printers (via chrome) according to the instructions provided on google cloudprint.

You can print anything to any cloudprint connected printer, local or remote, silently.  To learn more about this read the google help here:

The computer (or device such as ipad etc) that is being used to access OMINS and sending a print command, can use any browser and does not require chrome.

In OMINS go  settings->cloudprint, click Authorize and allow OMINS access to the same google account you have cloudprint setup on. (see pics below)

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Then choose your default cloud print printer.

Now when you are ready to try and print in bulk, you will be given a cloudprint option, and you can choose the printer.

If you want an invoice report (or pos order) to go straight to cloudprint silently, when you quickprint by clicking “save & print” within an invoice order or POS invoice, you can enable this in the specific reports (under settings->report).

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The item will be sent silently to the default printer set in settings->cloudprint,

However each user can have their default printer overridden in    settings->users, once set this will kick in after a fresh login.

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This means a user who is typically using a POS terminal can have a receipt printer set as the default printer, where the warehouse staff can have the warehouse printer set as the default printer.

“autoprint” invoice types removed now

You will notice that “invoice autoprint”  and “packing autoprint”  (old type) have been removed from the system, as these were causing some chrome version to crash and were rendering no additional benefit.  The benefit of automatic printing, which you were getting from “autoprint” type invoice, you can very easily get the same benefit by using cloudprint setup in OMINS.


NOTE:  If you decide to use google cloudprint option in OMINS, it does not mean that it would be mandatory to use this cloudprint only.   You can use your conventional method of printing, instead of cloudprint;  you just cannot use “autoprint” now.

Google cloudprint setup DOES NOT overrides your usual method of printing.  You can always chose whatever method you like.


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