How to do packing check

This is a very useful feature in OMINS and one of the finishing steps in order processing that enables the packaging person (warehouse person) to do the final checks on product pictures on the basis of product code and or bar code.


How it works.

1)       Go to invoice->packing check see (pic 1 below)


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2)      On the next screen type in the order #, in process. (see pic 2 below)

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3)      On next screen you see all the product pictures (with quantity) for this order.  (order 395 in example has two products ordered).

4)      In the product code/barcode bar you can either type in (or scan) bar code of the product, if you know the bar code and hit enter, if product is compatible with order, the RED UNCHECKED beneath the picture will turn to GREEN CHECKED.  (see pic 3 and 4 below)



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5)    You can scan the barcode as shown in pic 4a below either from your invoices (OR) address stickers.  It could be super useful for address stickers as they often do not contain product information, but do contain the barcode so you could use packing check to bring up what products that person needs.

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6)      Alternatively, you can type in product code in the bar and hit enter.  If the product / picture is correct, RED UNCHECKED beneath the picture will turn GREEN CHECKED (see pic 5 below)



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