Layby order processing

How to process a layby order.


What is meant by  a “layby order”

If a customer buys from you but requests that he/she will make payment in installments; and you agree to it.  So this order basically is called layby order.


This has an ongoing status and to be sent only when it is paid in full.  OMINS supports multiple payments for an order, so user can add payments for this order, as they are paid.


How to mark and process a “layby order”

Following are the basic standard steps that you can adopt while processing a layby order.  (also see pic 1 and 2 below)

  • Set the status as “layby”.
  • Change the due date of order (according to the payment time agreement between you and customer).  For example if you have agreed that customer can pay for it over a month, you will set the due date, one month later than previously set date and save once.

Note:  It is very important to change the due date.  If this is not done, the item will not be reserved by the OMINS stock system, once the default due date has passed.

  • Add a payment to item (add whatever amount is paid,  does not matter full or partial).
  • Save it again after adding payment.

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When next installment of payment is made:

(see pic 3 and 4 below)

You can search layby order later on, when next installment of payment is sent by customer, and you can add another payment

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Note:  You can add payments manually to the order or you can add them more efficiently using the bank statement import system provided by OMINS click here for more info.


Order will be marked paid automatically when its fully paid and then it will show in “to print and dispatch today” and you can then process it normally as other orders.

If customer asks for an invoice or status during the process

Select invoice from the email section, click “edit and send”  mention  layby order invoice  in the subject or anywhere in description and send. (see pic 5 below)







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