Custom CSV imports

We can do custom CSV setups. This means we can map info from a vendors CSV then update or add products/stock information etc to your system. These CSVs can be either uploaded or emailed to a specific email address. If you wish to have a custom CSV import setup, say from one of your vendors […]

Create a new user

Create your user and secure the system

1. When you have logged in for the first time you should go to settings->users and create a new user. This should be your user. Make sure you give this user all access roles. 2. Test the newly created user. Go to settings->logout. then log back in using the details of your newly created user. […]

Select promo groups from the settings menu

Pointing Your Domain to Your OMINS Website/ Information Site

You have two options for setting up a domain name for use with OMINS sites: Snipesoft Setup and Hosting If you don’t know how or don’t want to deal with it yourself we can manage setup and host the domain for $50+GST per year. This is for any .nz domain or .com / .net / […]

Select the customise view button to change your search column preferences.

Customising Your Search Columns

Customising Your Search Columns OMINS allows you to customise how your search results (for products, reports, invoices, etc) are displayed. To change your display preferences, click on the customise view button. Use the arrows on the left to rearrange the order of the columns. The checks and X’s on the right hand side allow you […]