How to open newsletter example in OMINS

How to setup a customer newsletter

You can send a newsletter email to all your mailinglist customers fairly easily in OMINS. This is how: OMINS newsletters are just a specific kind of email setup. There is a preconfigured newsletter email ready to go in all omins systems. To find this, go to: 1. Settings-> “record email” (see 1a) 2. Select “newsletter […]

Custom CSV imports

We can do custom CSV setups. This means we can map info from a vendors CSV then update or add products/stock information etc to your system. These CSVs can be either uploaded or emailed to a specific email address. If you wish to have a custom CSV import setup, say from one of your vendors […]

Create a new user

Create your user and secure the system

1. When you have logged in for the first time you should go to settings->users and create a new user. This should be your user. Make sure you give this user all access roles. 2. Test the newly created user. Go to settings->logout. then log back in using the details of your newly created user. […]

Select promo groups from the settings menu

Pointing Your Domain to Your OMINS Website/ Information Site

You have two options for setting up a domain name for use with OMINS sites: Snipesoft Setup and Hosting If you don’t know how or don’t want to deal with it yourself we can manage setup and host the domain for $50+GST per year. This is for any .nz domain or .com / .net / […]